Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Down with US imperialism and its agents in the Army! No political support for Erdoğan’s reactionary government! Self-determination for Kurdistan!

LCFI Statement - 23/7/2016On 16 July at 00:15 Gerry Downing of Socialist Fight Britain wrote in his Facebook wall:

Mass resistance to the coup on Friday night,
15 June. Not just AKP supporters.
“Absolutely no support for this coup. As reactionary as Erdoğan is we cannot support a coup by the military in the ridiculous name of ‘democracy’ against an elected government. They don’t call it a revolution as they did in Egypt but this can only benefit the US and NATO in the region. Images seems to indicate that the masses and the left are resisting the coup and it will fail. If it does it will also undermine the autocracy of Erdoğan. Down with the coup! Victory to the popular masses!”